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Privacy Policy

Selsun Trading Company values your trust and provides one of the most secure platforms to store your data according to the below-listed privacy policy. This privacy policy will describe How Selsun Trading Company handles your data and other related information collected through our website or other related support channels like Email, Telephonic Conversations, or Chat platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. Any Data collected other than the mentioned platforms will also follow the below-listed privacy policy.

This document mentions Selsun Trading Company, their employees, and affiliates as Selsun Trading Company, We, Us, and Our. Our website ( will be mentioned as “Website” and “Platform”. The users and customers of the website ( will be declared as users, customer, client, buyer, and purchaser. The suppliers enrolled on the website are declared as suppliers or vendors. 

Selsun Trading Company allows you to browse certain sections of their website without collecting any personal information or registering as a user. However, users will have to register for purchasing a product, you may have to register as a user by providing your Email, Mobile Number, and Name. All your details are stored and processed using the data protection laws of India. As a registered user, you are subjected to follow the privacy policy and terms of use. If you are not willing to comply with our policies, please refrain from using our services.

Collection of Personal Information:  

While using our platform, we collect and store your personal information from time to time. We have also indicated the required fields as mandatory while others are optional wherever possible while collecting your information.  

By using our platform, you are allowing us to track your buying behavior, product preferences, general shopping interest, and other related information. We use this collected data for our internal research on user demographics, buying behavior, and interest to understand our website users and serve them better. We always store and process all the information provided by you and consider them necessary and important to resolve any further disputes, queries, or feedback. 

All personal correspondences, through Emails, Social Media Handles, and letter will be stored, processed 

and used for internal research purposes. 

Use Of Demographic, Profile, and Personal Information:

We collect your personal information to provide you with certain services. Also, we will share that information with our vendors, suppliers, and our logistics partners to fulfill the orders placed by you and resolve your complaints/queries. The use of personal information is not limited to fulfilling the promised services but also extends to enhancing user experience, troubleshooting problems, identifying interests, and collecting money. 

With your consent, we will send SMS, Email, and WhatsApp messages to provide you with a better service. We/Vendor/Logistics Partner may call you to fulfill the order, acquire feedback, or resolve any dispute.

Use Of Cookies:

Our website uses data collection devices such as cookies on several of our web pages to collect data that will help us to analyze web flow, user behavior, and effective use of promotions. Cookies do not collect your personal information but will use your demographics. Also, cookies like session cookies are important to avoid entering passwords for every page navigation. We also use cookies of third parties like Google Analytics and Facebook pixels to serve you better. We do not have any control over the third-party partner cookies so any liability/disputes related to the third-party cookies will follow the terms of use and privacy policy of the third-party service provider.

Third-Party Website:

Our platform may contain links to other websites which might collect your personal information. We are not responsible for any information you share with those websites.

Safety Procedure:

We take utmost care in protecting your data through physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. However, when the data is transferred through the internet we cannot guarantee that it will always be secure and completely free of risks so users are responsible for the protection of their data.

Information of Users Below 18 Years of Age:

The platform is built to serve users above 18 years of age. We do not knowingly share any personal details of underaged users. If users had entered the personal details of children below 18 years they are solely responsible for it.

Data Retention:

We will store your data and other information as long as they are required by the applicable laws. However, Data related to you will be stored inevitably if you are involved in any illegal or immoral activities. In this case, previous data will be used to prevent further illegal activities.

Also, we will use your data for research and analytical purposes.

Changes To Policy:

Users are advised to watch the privacy policy page displayed on our website regularly, we will not intimate users regarding the change made to this policy but the same will be updated on the website.

If you have any grievances, regarding the policy please write us an email at