This Page contains the Terms of Use for the website The platform is owned by Selsun Trading Company with registered office at 31, Chairman Kandasamy Nagar, 4th Street Palayakkadu, Tiruppur – 641601

The use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions listed below. By merely using this website, you are in a binding agreement with Selsun Trading Company to follow these terms of use and policies. 

For the context You, the User, or Customer shall mean any user of the website or their representatives. While We, Us, Selsun Trading Company will refer to Selsun Trading Company and their representatives. Vendors, Sellers, and Suppliers will refer to vendors enrolled in


  • Only users aged a minimum of 18 Years are permitted to register as a user. Any user registered and below 18 years of age.
  • If you are found to be below 18 years of age Selsun Trading Company reserves the right to terminate your membership without any prior notice.
  • A user’s Mobile Number and Email id are the sole identifiers of a user on the platform. It is the user’s responsibility to keep their identifiers up to date at all times.
  • Users are allowed to change their identifiers any number of times but no two users are allowed to have the same identifiers.

User Accounts:

  • We shall not be held responsible for any misuse of the account or data associated with it.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to secure their account to avoid misuse.
  • In case the user finds any issue with their account, it is their responsibility to notify Us through proper communication channels so that necessary security measures are taken. 
  • We shall not be held responsible if the user shares their account access with others and any dispute that may arise regarding the same.


  • By Signing up to this platform users agree to receive SMS, E-Mails, and WhatsApp messages to their identifiers.
  • You are giving consent to receive constant communications regarding product status, platform information, delivery information, promotional emails, and other important details through electronic means whenever required.


  • The website is designed to act as a platform to enable users and vendors to interact and involve in transactions. 
  • We will not be involved in controlling the transactions between users and vendors.
  • All Commercial transactions are involved between customer and vendor alone.
  • The Vendor retains the right to cancel the order at any time and initiate the refund for the same. 
  • All Orders are fulfilled based on the assumption that the transactions are made for individual use, any order indicating quantities that are exceeding the individual users will be canceled.
  • We shall not be held responsible for the warranty provided by the manufacturer or sellers of a product
  • We are not responsible for any contract breach between users and vendors.
  • We do not have any claim or rights on the products sold on our website at any point in time.
  • We are not responsible for any unsatisfactory or delay in our services. However, we will take reasonable efforts to ensure that it does not happen.
  • We shall not be held responsible if the product is back-ordered and not fulfilled by the vendor.
  • We shall not be held liable for any transactional failure that happened through our website. However, we will take the necessary actions to resolve the dispute for you.

Platform Usage:

  • The platform allows the user/vendor to upload content to the website in certain cases like user reviews. The Content list below is banned and any user updating the same will have their access revoked:
  • Fake reviews, blasphemous content, and content related to any religion or political party.
  • Content that insults any race or ethnicity.
  • Content that harasses other users.
  • Content exploiting minors.
  • Content related to drug trading.
  • Content that misrepresents Women.
  • Any junk links.
  • Content violating someone’s privacy.
  • Content promoting gambling and betting
  • Content impersonating another person
  • Content that contains computer viruses, malware, and other hacking tools.
  • User links shall not use any deep-link, spiders, robots, and web crawlers on the website.
  • Users shall not try to create counterfeit versions of the platform.

Selsun Trading Company and its affiliates shall not be held responsible for any illegal activities on their platform. All users/vendors are strictly advised to follow the laws and regulations, any violation of rules will result in appropriate legal action.


All images, content, texts, and graphics listed on the website are user-generated content and Selsun Trading Company shall not be held responsible for such content. We are just an intermediary for such user-generated content. All Content present on the website shall follow the below-mentioned terms and conditions.

  • No Content of the website shall be reproduced, republished, recreated, copied, and encoded in any form.
  • Any Catalogue, Brochure of the products uploaded shall be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes without any tampering or recreation.
  • User/Vendor shall be responsible for any content that is transmitted through the platform through SMS, E-Mails, WhatsApp messages, and Mails.
  • The vendor shall not provide any additional warranties, guarantees, or promises for the products other than the ones mentioned by the manufacturer.

Some content on the website may not be suitable for all users, so user discretion is advised while browsing the website. Also, Parents/ Legal Guardians are advised to follow discretion in case their minor wards are browsing the website.

Warranties and Replacement Policy:

  • All warranties and replacement policies are provided by the product manufacturer and vendors are responsible for fulfilling those. Selsun Trading Company is not responsible for any warranty or replacement claims and can only facilitate communication between customer and vendor to resolve such claims.
  • The vendor has the sole discretion to claim on warranties and replacement requests. 
  • Any Warranty or Replacement request should be claimed within the specified eligibility period.
  • Any Logistics cost involved for warranty/replacement claim will be fulfilled by the vendor/buyer.

Payments & Refund Policy:

  • The Website allows Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Net Banking facilities, and COD facilities to purchase products. The user may use any one of the facilities to purchase the products.
  • The website is not responsible for any transactional failure that may occur but we will provide necessary details when required.
  • The Platform reserves the right to discontinue any one of the payment facilities without any further notice.
  • Products purchased through the COD facility will be handed over only after the payment is fulfilled. Any request for unboxing/demo of a product will not be fulfilled by the delivery partner and the product will be returned to the vendor.
  • The vendor has the sole discretion to decide whether an order is eligible for return/refund/replacement.
  • Refunds will not be initiated for an order if a replacement option is available.   
  • All Refunds payment methods will be decided by the Selsun Trading Company.
  • Users may have to provide their bank details/ UPI to initiate the refund, failing which the refunds will not be initiated.


As a registered vendor you are allowed to sell products using this website as a platform, for which you will need to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  • You will produce all documentation as required by the law.
  • Producing fake/tampered documents will result in the immediate deactivation of the account and appropriate legal action will be taken.
  • Selsun Trading Company is not responsible for vendors registering with fake documents but we will take necessary actions to avoid the same.
  • Vendors should have licenses from the manufacturers/distributors of their listed products.
  • Vendors are responsible for fulfilling the right order.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to acquire and renew licenses as required by the law.
  • All images, content, and other documents uploaded by the vendor should be within their rights of distribution, Any copyright claim from valid entities will result in immediate removal and result in the suspension of the vendor account.
  • It is the responsibility of the seller to keep the listed items in stock to fulfill the order, failing to provide them will result in order cancellation and a refund will be initiated to the buyer. Continuous failure of fulfillment will result in fines and account suspension.


  • Any individual or company shall be held responsible and liable for an attorney or legal fees as claimed by Selsun Trading Company if approved by the court.
  • All disputes are subjected to Coimbatore Jurisdiction only.
  • All Users and vendors must ensure that they do not violate any laws of the country. Selsun Trading Company shall not be held responsible for any such violations.
  • All listed products are for sale in India only, unless otherwise expressly stated.
  • The Website is created and maintained by Selsun Trading Company. All materials on the site are created and belong to the respective vendors or manufacturers and it is bound by their copyright. Any violation of such rights will result in legal action. Also, if any of the vendors/manufacturers is found to violate other’s copyrights. Please write an email to so that necessary action can be taken.
  • Accounts of vendors/manufacturers violating copyright laws will be suspended immediately and we will assist in the legal proceedings against them.